Robotic Crawlers


Modular design allows quick reconfiguration for any combination of pipe size, material and condition

Short and steerable; ROVVER crawlers have superior navigation and crawling action

Pass through inverts and curved access points

Three chassis sizes allow inspection of pipelines 4” to 60” diameter

Fully automatic cable reel (tension sensor reduces pull burden and prevents cable tangles)

Compact, minimal power consumption, and portable


Exceptional support and service

Traction and weight options, plus lightweight cable, maximize inspection distance … even in sludge, grease and high flows

Steerable 6-wheel drive and compact wheelbase maneuver around obstacles, climb over offsets and debris, and fit through curved inverts

High-sensitivity camera and shadowless LED lamps maximize image detail and view distance

Rear-view camera helps prevent flips and entanglement during reverse travel

Desktop and handheld pendant controls allow operation of crawler, camera and lights in the studio or at the manhole


ROVVER travels in a small vehicle and runs off inverter power

Field-proven performance ensures maximum uptime and industry-low cost-of-ownership

System is easily outfitted for pipe scanning and laser profiling.

IL, CE and IP ratings ensure operator safety

Intergal SONDE makes locating easy; built-in inclinometer lets you graph pipe grade


6-Wheel Drive: Its 6-by-6 drive train and considerable ground clearance (due to wheels riding on the walls of smaller pipe rather than the floor) allow ROVVER to maneuver past sharp offsets and large debris.


Steerability: ROVVER’s steerability, including the ability to pivot in place, makes it agile enough to maneuver past obstacles like rocks and protruding taps.

Compact Wheelbase: A compact wheelbase allows ROVVER to turn on a dime, and fit through narrow spaces such as curved inverts (saving you the effort of inspecting from every manhole).

Traction: 18 wheel options, plus scalable weight, help ROVVER attain optimum traction on any surface, including PVC and greasy clay.





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