Core VIS services the power industry by deploying highly trained technicians capable of assisting our customers with their inspection requirements, search and retrieval of loose parts and foreign material, and by reducing the dose rate for employees by utilizing our equipment and inspection methods. Whether contracted to support an entire outage or called to support a particular inspection, Core VIS stands ready to support planned or emergency shutdowns with our people and equipment.  We operate 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our technicians stay badged at several nuclear facilities and current with operational and safety procedures and requirements.  Call us today to discuss a current application or support for future outage work.



Reactor Head Inspections, Canopy Seal Weld Inspections, BMI, Service Water Piping, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Venturi’s, MOV’s, FOSAR, TORUS, Generators, Buried Piping

Gas Turbines, Heat exchangers, Boilers, Condensers, Steam Turbines and Generators,  Water and Steam Piping,  Valves, Buried Piping, Pumps, FOSAR, Turbine Cleanouts

Gear box and Blade inspections


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