Rovver X

ROVVER X is the one system that lets you do everything!


Control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-managementsoftware.


All this capability is packed into a simple three-piece layout, with no CCU or othercomponents to clutter your truck.


Though remarkably self-contained, ROVVER X is built on an expandable digital backbone. Notonly can you add side-scanning and laser profiling, you can view data from onboard sensors,automate tasks with macros, and measure defects on-screen.


And future capabilities arelimitless—ROVVER X’s firmware updates automatically to the latest features, and itsarchitecture is ready for any accessory—even ones that don’t exist yet.Advanced technology aside, ROVVER X is built for the rigors of sewer inspection.


Twelvewheel options—plus camera lift, carriage and illumination accessories—mean ROVVER Xtransforms in seconds to inspect pipelines 6–72 inches diameter.


Its six-wheel drivewith proportional steering navigates past obstacles, and overlapping wheels climboffsets better than tracks.


Powerful motors and a geared drive train maximize rangeand pivot capability, even with carriage and pneumatic tires installed.


Ultimately, however, reliability and productivity have made ROVVER the numberone crawler brand in the world.


ROVVER X continues this tradition withunsurpassed video resolution and 50% more illumination, leaving no detailhidden. Its powerful reel monitors cable tension optically to prevent slackand minimize resistance, allowing one-man operation.


And selfdiagnosticcapabilities, plus access to operating history, only enhancethe uptime of the one crawler that already leads the industry.

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