VUMAN RA-Y video borescope is a fully integrated, lightweight, mobile and compact inspection system. Unique, patented technologies and design concepts such as “RF Remote Focus”, an integrated high performance light and air supply, optimal probe length and operation from the reel, ensure on site independence with minimal set up time.

Vuman RA-Y Video Borescope Key Features:
• Lengths up to 100 ft. (30 Meters)
• Remote Focus
• Pneumatic Articulation
• Interchangeable Probes
• 10.4 in. Sunlight Readable Touch Screen LCD
• Light Weight and Compact

Features and Benefits:
Best probe articulation and inspection results by pneumatic control. Pneumatic technology allows 360° articulating camera head at any length with easy remote joystick operation and no need for external air bottles

The VUMAN RA-Y videoscope features a patented reel system; only the exact probe length required needs to be pulled off the reel to maintain a clear working environment and avoid tripping hazard. Even with longer INVIZ probes, full operational capability and probe control is guaranteed

Fingertip joystick navigation of the VUMAN RA-Y video borescope can easily be locked in position for detailed examinations

The automatic mode of the high power LED light source means there is no need to adjust light during inspections and ensures the optimum light output

Unbreakable fiber optic light yields 20% more light output to make the Vuman the most light intense long range video borescope

Remote Focus eliminates the need to temporarily remove the probe from inspections to change tip adapters to acquire perfect image quality

Tip Adapters are not required with the Vuman video borescope (tip adapters are time consuming to change, costly, difficult to use and absorb light)

Digital videos and images are saved in full resolution 32-bit depth (loss-free) and is superior to compressed formats to provide the highest resolution video borescope inspection results

USB 2.0 interface allows up to 300 hours full resolution recording to be quickly transferred to a PC
Standard digital documentation formats such as JPG, BMP, MPEG or AVI. Allow easy communication of inspection results in Windows and email

320 GB HDD stores hundreds of digital video or millions of high resolution images

Instant preview function in the filing system delivers immediate access to inspection results

A Detailed user manual is installed on your VUMAN RA-Y video borescope system. Never get lost with the complete user manual at your fingertips. This makes the video borescope system very intuitive to use

Adjustable, high-resolution 10.4” trans-reflective screen (1024 x 768 px) provides detailed images in the brightest environments: both indoors and outdoors

Touch screen keyboard can be used with work gloves to add notes to inspection images and video for later review and reporting

External VGA output allows transfer of images to additional monitors or other locations

Optional high capacity rechargeable NiMh battery provides fill mobility

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